Billing & Payment

Undergraduate tuition bills are generated twice a year, in mid-July for the fall semester, and in mid-November for the spring semester. Monthly billing statements are also created if balances exist. Billing for graduate and law students begins approximately one month before the start of classes.

体育365Bills are no longer sent through the mail — they are posted to students' individual accounts, and emails are sent notifying students when new bills have been posted. Students have the option of setting up accounts for parents and others to access their accounts and receive billing emails when new bills have been posted.

Checks sent through the mail should be made payable to UNH, include the student's ID number and may be sent to:

UNH Business Services
11 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824

Adjustments to tuition bills may be made through the Account Change Form体育365. Click on the following  (Student credentials must be used for the meal plan system - Parent Portal logins will not work for this purpose.)

体育365All bills are due upon receipt except where noted. Non-payment can result in late fees and may result in students being disenrolled from classes. Late fees are based on the amount of the outstanding balance - 5% of the billed amount or $250 (whichever is lower).

体育365With the exception of financial aid, payments are applied to the oldest charge first. 

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