Career Resources for Women

Women have made great strides in education and the workplace.  More women are pursuing higher education, and the percentages of women in both the workforce and management roles continues to increase.

However, there is still more to do. As noted on  

体育365“Nearly 50 years after President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, on average women are still paid less than their male counterparts for doing comparable jobs – that’s called the pay gap. It means that each time the average woman starts a new job, she’s likely to start from a lower base salary, but it also means that over time the pay gap between her and her male colleagues is likely to become wider and wider.

“For the average working woman, the pay gap means $150 less in her weekly paycheck, $8,000 less at the end of the year, and $380,000 less over her lifetime. For women of color and women with disabilities, the disparity is even bigger.”

Use your time at UNH to prepare for your career: explore internship and volunteer experiences, pursue leadership opportunities, research, network, find mentors, and take advantage of Career and Professional Success. 

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