Cover Letter Outline

First Paragraph

  • State why you are writing the employer
  • Indicate the position and how you learned of it
  • A brief sentence that gives your degree, major, college, and graduation date

Middle Paragraph

  • Describe how your education, experience, and personal skills make you a good match for the position
  • Be specific, offering proof of your experiences and clearly describe ways you will contribute
  • Outline one or two specific examples of how your skills and experiences will meet the company’s needs
  • Refer to the organization you are applying to, and discuss what it is about them and the job opportunity that appeals to you ― Why do you want to work for this company specifically?
  • Emphasize your knowledge of the organization (do research) and your familiarity with the field
  • A genuine show of enthusiasm and knowledge will set you apart from those sending generic form letters

Final Paragraph

  • Always thank the employer for considering your application
  • Say what you’ll be doing to follow up on your letter
  • Use an assertive statement explaining what you plan to do