Transferable Skills


  • Exhibit self-motivation and a positive attitude
  • Motivate individuals and groups to perform
  • Encourage effective teamwork with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Design and implement plans of action
  • Set goals and follow-through
  • Assess and evaluate situations effectively
  • Manage time efficiently and effectively through scheduling and prioritizing
  • Handle multiple demands for commitment of time, energy, and resources
  • Identify critical issues quickly and accurately
  • Meet the needs of both the organization and the employees when possible
  • Use integrity in decision-making

Program Administration

  • Interpret rules and regulations
  • Analyze data and information
  • Create innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Ensure that tasks are completed on time
  • Prioritize daily workload

Information Management

  • Research, investigate, and compile information
  • Synthesize facts, concepts, and principles
  • Compile, sort, and interpret data
  • Identify and combine a variety of resource materials into final copy
  • Formulate relevant questions and develop ways to supply and clarify answers
  • Communicate facts and ideas clearly both orally or in writing
  • Manage a budget and keep accurate financial records


  • Solve problems creatively, logically, and practically
  • Write interesting and clear articles, reports, etc.
  • Design culturally sensitive activities to engage participants
  • Market and display products to appeal to target audience
  • Create visually intriguing and skilled designs, displays, or works of art
  • Demonstrate convincing public speaking or acting skills

Interpersonal Communications

  • Exercise "give and take" to achieve group results
  • Display understanding of, and respect for, people from diverse backgrounds
  • Understand and work within the group culture
  • Listen actively and attentively
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Discuss cultural differences and issues openly
  • Interpret behavior and emotional patterns in individuals and groups
  • Teach, supervise, and train others using easy-to-understand concepts and hands-on experience
  • Conduct in-depth interviews
  • Express ideas and thoughts based on facts
  • Mediate conflict with tact and diplomacy

Personal Development

  • Instill self-confidence and self-esteem in others
  • Demonstrate flexibility and commitment to change and learning
  • Learn the value of hard work and persistence
  • Recognize and appropriately address bias in self and others

Cultural Competency

  • Enhanced cultural awareness, sensitivity to customs, and cultural differences
  • Increased self-confidence, initiative, and independence
  • Adapted to a new culture and environment
  • Functioned with a high level of ambiguity
  • Interacted effectively with people from diverse backgrounds