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体育365 “When working on natural resources issues, it’s necessary to understand how personal, community and cultural values motivate people and shape decision-making. Taking these into account better positions you to develop fair and effective solutions to challenging problems. It sounds simple, but this important skill is something that I learned while studying in New Zealand.”  

体育365-- Chris Meaney,  Environmental Conservation ‘00, Senior Policy Advisor to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


体育365"The great thing about the IA program, is that we have students from so many different disciplines. We all studied abroad and had these great, interdisciplinary conversations about the real-world impact of global issues."

-- Kelly Whittier, International Affairs/Health Management and Policy '12


"Being in Ghana and visiting Elmina Castle, seeing the shackles and dungeons, and passing through the “door of no return’ through which millions of Africans were forced into slavery, was one of those experiences I will never forget.”

-- Michael Vidal, International Affairs/Psychology/Women's Studies minor '12


"I no longer feel far removed from the news headlines about affairs abroad…People and experiences in each of these countries have hammered home for me the responsibility we as American citizens have to each other and the world."

体育365-- Tollan Renner (B.S. Statistics & Economics '13), who studied abroad in Taiwan, Korea, and China