TN (Trade NAFTA)

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) established a TN (Trade NAFTA) visa classification, which is available only to citizens of Canada and Mexico.

体育365TN status is limited to certain professions stipulated under NAFTA and may be granted in 3-year increments.  There is no limit to the number of years an individual may hold TN status, but the employment must be temporary in nature. The TN visa classification is not to be used for tenure-track faculty or permanent staff positions. It is employer and position specific.

Qualifying Professions for TN Visa Status

Business person体育365 as defined by NAFTA, means a citizen of Canada or Mexico who is engaged in the trade of goods, the provision of services, or the conduct of investment activities.

Business activities体育365 at a professional level means those undertakings which require a baccalaureate degree or appropriate credentials demonstrating status as a professional.

Engaging in business activities at a professional level means the performance of prearranged business activities for a United States entity, including an individual. It does not authorize the establishment of a business or practice in the United States in which the professional will be self-employed.

Temporary entry, as defined by NAFTA, means entry without the intent to establish permanent residence in the U.S.

Pursuant to NAFTA, an applicant seeking admission under this section shall demonstrate business activity at a professional level in one of the professions set forth in Appendix 1603.D.1 to Annex 1603. These professions are:



Computer Systems Analyst

Disaster Relief Insurance Adjuster




体育365Graphic Designer

体育365Hotel Manager

体育365Industrial Designer

体育365Interior Designer

Land Surveyor

体育365Landscape Architect


Management Consultant


体育365Range Manager/Conservationist

体育365Research Assistant (higher education)

Scientific Technician/Technologist     

Social Worker


Technical Publications Writer

Urban Planner



Medical/Allied Professionals
Dentist, Dietitian, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Medical Technologist, Nutritionist, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Physician (teaching or research only), Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Recreational Therapist, Registered Nurse, Veterinarian

体育365 Agriculturist, Animal Breeder, Animal Scientist, Apiculturist, Astronomer, Biochemist, Biologist, Chemist, Dairy Specialist, Entomologist, Epidemiologist, Geneticist, Geochemist, Geologist, Geophysics, Horticulturist, Meteorologist, Pharmacologist, Physicist, Plant Breeder, Poultry Scientist, Soil Scientist, Zoologist

College, Seminary, University

TN Application Form